The Wallflower










Menu Vegan/Veggie friendly!

New Years Day. New year, new resolutions, fresh start, and a fresh hangover. The hubby and I rose around 3pm with a mighty hunger. After a brief search for open establishments, we found a diner within walking distance on Main st. Though we were warned that the line could be quite formidable, as a party of two we were able to sit quite quickly. The diner was packed tight and quite cozy, lined with art from local artists, and displaying a large hand painted mural of flowers on one wall. The diner had a jumbled, homey feel to it, mostly due to the mismatched cutlery and dish-ware, as well as the handcrafted Christmas decorations lining the wall. The clientele varied from the group in their mid twenties, drinking at the bar, to a couple in their late 50s talking over a cup of coffee. The menu centred around brunch (served until 4pm) and had a wide selection of vegan and meaty breakfast items, even boasting various gluten free alternatives and substitutions. My partner, the vegetarian, ordered the omelet with veggie chorizo, spinach, peppers, and mushrooms. I opted for the infamous breakfast poutine (how could you not?!), which was essentially hashbrowns, gravy, cheese curd, and egg. A perfect, hangover-killing, combination. After gorging ourselves, we indulged in a cup of coffee, and we on our way. What shocked me was the bill when I received it. The food was superb and the bill only came to under $30 for both meals, orange juice, and coffee! With the diverse, well priced menu, and the funky quaint atmosphere, the wallflower is a must when attempting to wrestle with last nights bad decisions.


Sunshine Diner


2649 West Broadway
$$$ hangover – completely satisfied

The best part about moving to a completly new area of town is discovering these little gems throughout your new neighbourhood that are so exciting to both you, the newbie, and your friends, the vets. The Sunshine Diner is one of these places. Surrounded by yoga stores and coffee shops, this blast from the past 50’s diner stood out like a sore thumb in Kitsalano. Full sized statues of Monroe, Elvis, and Dean stood outside the door, bathed in the flourecent light of the diner’s many bright signs. Inside, the theme was decidedly 50’s; from the red vinyl booths, the checkerd floors, to the jukebox in the corner. The service was promt, without being rushed, and the food was fanstastic.
After hearing glowing reveiws on the eggs benny, my choice was pretty simple, and my partner decided on the veggie three egg omlete with a strawberry milkshake. We both opted in for the “famous home fries” which definatly lived up to their reputation. The food was brought to us quickly and, being in our elecrolight deprived state, we dove in. The benny was fantastic, the best I’d had in a long time, and the home fries, thin cut whole potato slices fried and seasoned, were the perfect cure for our ailment. The three egg omlete was massive, bursting with veggies and cheese, and came with both toast and home fries which almost did him in.
After the food we were given plenty of lounging time to digest and await the miracle of de-hangoverizaton. After resting, we took our leave, both vowing to return. While The Sunshine Diner already has a reputation in Vancouver for serving the best breakfast, I thought I would add my voice to the chorus and highly recommend that, if peckish in Kits, you should drop by.

Fritz European Fry House

718 Davie St, Vancouver.
Hangover – completely satisfied.

Fritz is located just a block off Granville st, the main pub and club strip in Vancouver. This, of course, means that I’m usually stumbling in there on my way home from the bar. They are open until three or four in the morning so their fries make the perfect stomach settling snack. The shop is just a small hole-in-the-wall, furnished with two benches, equipped with holes in which to rest your cone of french fries, positioned along the wall. Be warned, if visiting Fritz post-last call the tiny shop will be packed, but the staff are both fast and patient. The menu is surprisingly large, despite there being really only one item for sale, offering a plethora of dips and sauces to accompany your fries. What really stands out at Fritz’s is the poutine. Not only is it magically hangover relieving, it’s just damn good. They layer the curds and gravy into the crispy double fried fries, ensuring that every bite is heart-cloggingly delicious. If heading home from downtown I defiantly recommend stopping in for some poutine.

Las Margaritas


1999 West 4th ave (604) 734-7117
$$$ hangover – somewhat satisfied

New years day. THE hangover day. After rousing my friends from where they dozed around my apartment, we went in search of a hangover quenching meal. Unfortunately, New years day fell on a Sunday this year so, after about an hour of walking and several closed diners, we decided to stop into the next open restaurant we found on the way back home.

Las Margaritas was the lucky winner. As we all trundled inside and were seated, we were served two baskets of hand-crafted tortilla chips and salsa. I was pretty much won over at that point. The waitress was pretty intuitive and set a pitcher of water down on our little group’s table. The restaurant itself was pretty quiet, so we were served fairly quickly. Most of us ordered some kind of virgin cocktail to drink, personally I ordered a pina colata. These really hit the spot, but they almost immediately gave us a bad brain freeze which, coupled with a hangover, was not entirely pleasant.

Our food was where the disappointment came. We ordered some Nachos to start; they were served on a bed of iceberg lettuce, and by that I mean that the lettuce was served with a few nachos on top. When plagued with the post-drinking blues, a large plate of lettuce is not particularly what one desires. For my main I ordered chicken toquitos which, in the past, have completely satisfied my next day symptoms. There were quite a few of them, a serving of eight, with a side of salsa. While the crispy shell was delicious, the chicken inside was so dry I had to order some sour cream to make them edible. I’m not sure if this is the traditional way of serving toquitos, but they were defiantly not satisfying.
While the main food was generally unsatisfying, I would recommend Las Margaritas for it’s headache-soothing drinks and stomach-settling appetizers. Just stay away from the chicken.